Ring RestHouse : A Budget Getaway

Bored? Nothing to do on weekend? Want to have fun but don’t have much money? Wanna celebrate a budget pack getaway? Then, this is a place that is right for you.


Ring rest house is one of the perfect place to be with less expense but great place. It is located in Barangay Tisa, Cebu City. From Tisa Market, you will be riding a tricycle  going to Ring rest house.



Colon to Tisa – 7.00

Tisa to Ring Rest (back and fort) – 20.00

Entrance – 110.00

Table and Cottage may vary:

small table: 100

long table: 300

cottage: 500

Ring rest house has a videoke and they also sell liquors. You can also bring your own food and drinks. NO CORKAGE FEE

They have 3 pools. Two pools for adults and one for kids. Adult pools are 6ft deep but not too big.

They also have rooms but I still don’t have more information about it. We went there around 2pm and had fun until 7pm. They will close by 10pm.

Its really nice to celebrate a budget pack getaway here. No worries and a bit far from the city. You can really appreciate nature and appreciate life.



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